Metroland Business Machines, established in 1974, is a family owned and operated business providing sales and service in the Capital Region.  With hard work, dedication and deep roots in the community the MBM has been hiring local and giving back to the community for over 45 years.  MBM are committed to providing award winning products from leading manufacturers, Neopost, Sharp, Toshiba, and Formax.   They have the distinct honor of holding the position of top Neopost Dealer in the United States for shipping and tracking solutions every year from 2012 and have been selected as a Preferred Alliance Dealer.  Metroland Business Machines has also been recognized as a NY Small Business Entity (SBE) serving various clients from NYS Agencies, school districts, municipalities and the local and regional nonprofit community.

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Neopost Awards

2012 USA Top Dealer Shipping and Tracking
2013 USA Top Dealer Shipping and Tracking
2014 USA Top Dealer Shipping and Tracking Solutions
2014 Group B USA Dealer of the Year
2006-2015 Neopost President’s Conference

Our Staff

Dan Neary

General Manager

(518)452-2600 ext. 31
[email protected]

Isabella Varno


(518)452-2600 ext. 10
[email protected]

Patrick Neary

Copier Division Manager

(518) 452-2600 ext. 26
[email protected]

Ed Neary

Sales Manager

(518)452-2600 ext. 15
[email protected]

Larry Radliff

Mailing Division Manager

(518) 452-2600 ext. 12
[email protected]

Eric Radliff

Sales Engineer

(518) 452-2600 ext. 32
[email protected]

Willis Ristau

Copier Service Manager

(518) 452-2600 ext. 20
[email protected]

James Miller

Mailing Service Manager

(518) 452-2600 ext. 27
[email protected]

Doug Reisinger

Service Technician

(518)452-2600 ext. 15 [email protected]

Adam Dunn

Service Technician

(518)452-2600 ext. 15
[email protected]

Rich Manzer

Service Dispatch

(518)452-2600 ext.14
[email protected]

Fax: 518-452-2603